Parent Handbook
Policies & Procedures
Thorold Community Activities Group 

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Child Care 

18 months-12 years

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Full and Part Time Child Care 

for more than 30 years!


The T.C.A.G was incorporated on January 13, 1982, in the Province of Ontario, as a charitable, non-profit organization.

The purpose of this Group shall be “to plan for and provide activities, programs, and services that enhance the recreational, educational and leadership growth of individuals and benefit the Community and to contribute leadership towards the enjoyment, learning, development and general wellbeing of the community.”

The Child Care Centre opened in 1988 and was later joined by the Nursery School in 1992. (Formerly Little Group Nursery School, housed in the local churches)

In June 2008, the Child Care facility relocated to St. John’s Anglican Church and in 2011 the School-age care was opened.

The Thorold Community Activities Group (TCAG) is very proud to introduce its’ licensed Child Care Centre: Thorold Community Activities Group Child Care. 

Program Statement 

Children are viewed as being competent, capable, curious and rich in potential.

The program will foster the child’s exploration, play and inquiry.

Child-initiated and adult-supported experiences will be provided. Children are encouraged to interact and communicate in a positive way and to self-regulate.

A plan will be developed which will implement positive learning environments to support each child’s learning and development and promote health, safety, nutrition and the well-being of all participants.

The daily schedules will include indoor and outdoor play as well as active play, rest and quiet time, while allowing flexibility for the individual needs of each child.

The program staff will foster on-going communication with parents.

Involvement with Community partners will allow support for the program, parents, children and staff.

Support will be in place for continuous professional learning for all of the child care staff members that interact with the children.

Documentation will identify the impact on the families; to support the content of the Program Statement.

Age Groups Available for Child Care programs:

Operates in Lower Level -1 Operates in Lower Level -2: Operates in Upper level or Gym

18-31 months

15 months-preapproved
due to limited spaces


31 months – 5 years 

JK/SK-age group:

3.8 – 5.8 yrs


5.8– 12 yrs

Full and part-time services A minimum of 2 days per week .

Priority is given to full time programs; Only full time spaces are guaranteed

Part-time spaces are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, schedules must be submitted 2 weeks in advance

Hours of Operation:  Monday to Friday; 7 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Registration & Inquiries

Thorold Community Activities Group Child Care

131 Richmond St. (back/lower entrance)

Thorold, Ontario

L2V 3H3                        Phone: 905-227-0545 ext. 22   Fax: 905-227-6113


Enrolment Procedures

An interview with the Director/Supervisor is necessary to discuss the parent handbook, to tour the facility and meet the teachers.

It is recommended that each child visit the center at least once, prior to admission.

The following information/package must be completed and submitted to the Director, prior to the child starting at the centre:

– Registration forms

– Medical form

– Up-To-Date immunization record

– Payment for the first week of care (cheque or debit/credit card).


Licensed Child Care

In Ontario, Child Care centres are licensed by the Ministry of Education.   A representative from the Ministry inspects each centre periodically throughout the year to insure that basics standards are maintained regarding employees, premises, health, fire safety, indoor and outdoor equipment, and the program.

Our license is renewed each year.

The premises are inspected and approved by the Fire Department, and by the Health Department.

The Employees

The full time teachers are experienced, qualified individuals who hold an Early Childhood Education diploma and are registered with the Ontario College of ECE’s.

Assistant teachers are hired to assist the teachers with groups, work with children with special needs, etc.

Any individual hired to work with children, is required to provide the organization with a criminal reference check.  The teachers have been trained in First Aid/CPR, attend workshops, and seminars to maintain and update their knowledge and ideas.  The teachers have been selected for this Centre because of their interest in young children, and because of their individual qualities.


From time to time, we are very fortunate to have the opportunity to have Niagara College, Brock University, Denis Morris, and Thorold Secondary students involved in educational learning placements in our centre.

The students introduce a lot of very interesting ideas, and we appreciate their help.

They “assist” the teacher with the group of children, while gaining their own practical experience in the Child Care setting.  Only students who are over the age of 18 years, and have provided a police clearance, are permitted to escort children to and from the bathroom, change diapers, etc.

Payment options: 

     Subsidized Child Care:  Regional Municipality of Niagara, Children’s Services.

Register on the Region Website:, or call 905-984-6900

Monthly subsidy parent fees are due by post-dated cheques for the 1st of each month or by credit card/debit at reception.

Submit cheques for the full current year, in advance.

      Non-Subsidized Child Care-Parents are paying the fees themselves

The last page of the parent handbook is the “fee chart”.

Notes for all participants:

Debit/credit-is available at the reception desk in front/upper lobby area. Please bring your invoice if you have been issued one.

Credit is available over the phone – or monthly as a preauthorized payment (please sign and return authorization form at the back) Monthly payments will be debited from your credit card the 1st or 15th of the month.

Post-dated cheques (bank deposits are done on/just after the 1st and 15th each month (fees must be deposited in the “fee box” and should include the child’s name, parent’s name, the exact amount of payment, & the dates that the payment is for.

*A late charge of $10.00 per week will be applied to all late payments*

*Payments: all fees are payable-regardless of the child’s full use of the program

*Outstanding fees-a minimum of the daily fee in order to continue service

Failure to pay may result in child care being denied.

*All Child Care Centre closings are payable this includes stat holidays

*Sick days are payable

In the event of a long term illness (exceeding 1 full week) ½ fees will be charged for the remaining weeks of illness.

Fees are reviewed periodically, and are subject to change

N.S.F cheques- a Service charge of $20.00 will be levied on all cheques returned to the centre.  (All NSF cheques and the $20 NSF charge are to be paid and replaced with a money order or cash/debit or credit, prior to further care being provided).

Year-end receipts are provided starting mid-January of each year

Late pick-up charges:  

$5.00 for the first 10 minutes

$10.00 after 10 minutes & up to 20 minutes

$15.00 after 20 minutes & up to 30 minutes (After 30 minutes, an additional charge of $1.00 per minute will apply).

After the first occurrence, there is a minimum of $10.00 charge.

Attempts will be made to reach emergency contacts.

Failure to pick up your children, Family & Children Services will be notified.

As various programs end at different times of the day, late charges will apply to all parents who pick up their child after their scheduled program ends.

The Child Care has the right to refuse future care for late pick up.

Withdrawal Policy

The Director of Child Care must be notified in writing, a minimum of two weeks prior to the withdrawal of a child.

Failure to provide proper notice will result in full payment of fees, for the two-week period.

A permanent space cannot be guaranteed if you temporarily withdraw your child from the program.

Thorold Community Activities Group has the right to terminate care at any time if policies are not followed, fees are not paid, or if the program is not suitable for your child.

Vacation Policy


              Subsidized families: 

Children receive an individual number of absent days through the Region, which may be used to cover the cost of the child care space for absent days, centre closings, and vacation time.

The number of absent days is determined by the Region

              Non-subsidized families:

Vacations are based on the number of months the child is enrolled.

All vacation must be booked, in writing, 2 weeks in advance.

Child Care programs will allow 2 weeks of vacation.

The center may close for a week or two at Christmas depending on enrolment.

In the event the centre does close for two weeks (based on enrolment) you will not be charged.

Vacations will not carry over into the next vacation year. Any vacation weeks not used at the end of the year will be forfeited.

Holiday Closures:

The centre will be closed (Full fees are payable for all Statutory and Civic Holidays):

New Year’s Day

Family Day

Good Friday

Easter Monday (depends on enrolment)

Victoria Day

Canada Day

Civic Holiday (depends on enrolment)

Labour Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day (1-2 weeks at Christmas; depends on enrolment)

Boxing Day

Closures Due to Weather Conditions:

For possible Child Care Centre closings…parents are asked to listen to the radio stations: CHSC AM 1220 & CHTZ FM 97.7

If the centre has to close after the arrival of children, the parents will be notified to pick up their children.

(Full fees are payable for closures due to weather conditions.)

Parents must be prepared with alternative contacts in the event that the Centre closes and the parent is not available.

Arrival & Departure

Children depend on regular routines for their own sense of security.

At enrollment you will be asked to establish fixed hours to drop off and pick up your child.

If you will be dropping off your child earlier/later than usual, we must be notified well in advance (the day before).

It is important to maintain quality care at TCAG, which means keeping our staffing within the legal guidelines laid out by the Ministry of Education.

When your child arrives, please escort him/her to their locker, sign-in book, check the daybook for notes, and notify a member of the staff that your child has arrived. The sign-in/day book is located just inside the entrance.

A similar procedure should be followed during the times of departure.

Release of Children

Anyone picking up your child must always be prepared to show identification.

Unless otherwise arranged, children will not be released to any person other than those specified in the child’s file. Employees will ask for identification, picture I.D is recommended.

Where applicable, separation of single parents must be kept on file, with clear instructions for releasing the child. Only legal documentation is acceptable with the original embossed seal.

No person under the age of 13 is allowed to pick up a child from the Centre.

TCAG employees will make all attempts to deny access to any person, including a parent/guardian, to pick up a child, if that person appears to be impaired by alcohol or drugs. TCAG employee will not put him/her or others in danger by refusing to release the child. The employees may assist by calling a taxi, or someone to drive. If the person resists on or opts to drive home, the employees will get the license number and call the police. If they are on foot, the TCAG employee will call Family & Children Services.

 Health/Illness Policy

Children must be observed for possible illness “prior to” bringing them into the centre. Upon arrival, observations will be recorded on a daily basis, and kept in each child’s record of health log book. If your child has arrived with any marks on them please explain the reason for the marks, (e.g. fell and bumped their knee) for confidentiality of information, report to the supervisor.

Children must not attend if they have the following symptoms: fever, vomiting, diarrhea, pink/redness/discharge from the eye, or ears, skin rash, head lice (refer to the Health Department manual located at the Child Care facility) contagious disease, or heavy, discoloured discharge from the nose.

Unusual symptoms will be brought to the attention of the Supervisor/Director for observation.

Any questionable symptom would be addressed, and the parent would be instructed to remove the child from the centre. The child could return, if a physician examined the child and agreed, in writing, that the child could return. A child must be symptom-free for a minimum of 24 hours prior to returning to day care. (Individual illnesses have individual seclusion/incubation times-see supervisor)

Please always be prepared to provide alternative arrangements for your child.

All children are expected to participate in outdoor play. If you feel your child is too ill to go outside, we ask that you keep the child at home.

Please call (905.227.0545 ex 23) by 9:00 am if your child is going to be absent. No emails please. (Always include symptoms)

Administration of Medication

Whenever possible, the guardian/parent should administer medication to their child.

E.g. for a medication that is prescribed 3 times/day, the Child Care will administer the mid-day dosage only.

Only medication prescribed by a legally qualified Medical Practitioner will be administered by the supervisor, or designate.

A medication authorization form must be completed and signed by the parent/guardian.

The medication must be in its’ original container, and labelled with the following information.

A Form is available at the Center; all medication must include a label that clearly states:

The name of medication

The name of Child

The exact dosage and

The frequency that the medication is to be given

The name of the prescribing physician

The pharmacy’s name, address, & telephone #

Stale-dated medication will not be administered.

All medication is kept in a locked container. (locked in a container in the Refrigerator if necessary)

Minor incidences/Accidents/Emergencies

Minor, self-inflicted incident/accidents (e.g. a child falls & bumps his knee) parent shall be notified at time of pick up, and it will be documented in the employee communication log. (Time of day, where it happened, and any minor care/treatment required).

More serious injuries require that an injury report be completed by the teacher, and       signed by the parent, and the Supervisor. The injury report, after being signed will be put in your childs file. (E.g. Any injury resulting in a mark on the child.)

An injury report will be filled out for each child, (the child who was hurt, and the child

who did the hurting) and will be folded, stapled, (or placed in a sealed envelope), with

the parent’s name on the outside. The children will not be identified in the injury reports,

until after the parent has returned the form. Notify the Child Care Centre if you want to

be called for less serious injuries (etc) that the Child Care Centre feels do not require

medical attention.

Serious Occurrences requiring medical attention:

If your child receives an injury that requires medical attention, you will be contacted

immediately. If we are not successful in contacting someone, and immediate medical

attention is required, we will call 911 for ambulance assistance. Any expenses incurred

will be the responsibility of the parent.

Reporting a Serious Occurrence

A serious occurrence will be reported to the Ministry, by the Designate (on-line process)

Notification to parents that a Serious Occurrence has occurred in the center:

A serious occurrence form will be posted in the Parent sign in area within 24 hours.

The report will not contain any identifying information. It will be posted for a minimum of

10 days and if the form is updated with additional actions, the form remains posted for

10 days of last update.

The exception is in the case of unverified complaints or allegations of abuse which will be

posted at the completion of follow up/investigation.

Fire Drills

Fire Drills are practiced once a month in the centre. Procedures are posted in

each playroom. Everyone must evacuate the centre for all fire drills. All fire drills will be

recorded on the Fire Drill Chart, and in the day book. (There are lockers, labelled

“blankets” for warmth during winter fire drills/evacuation.)

Evacuation of the Centre-Emergency Shelter

If we are required to evacuate the centre, for any reason the following shelters will be available:

Our alternate emergency shelters are:

1-Richmond Street Public School

    153 Richmond St. Thorold L2V 3H3


2-Cobblestone Gardens Retirement Home

10 Ormond St. N L2V 1YZ, 905-227-5550

(Alternate long- term possibility: for warmth)

NOTE: Transportation to transport child/employees Danell Bus Lines 905-934-1124

Workplace Health & safety

As a business, the Thorold Community Activities Group must abide by the policies and procedures that have been established under Workplace Health & Safety.

Parents, Grandparents; anyone entering the facility must abide by the Health & Safety Policies.

Parent Information Board
Each program will have a parent communication board with all required ministry information, which will include:


Program Planning


Fire Drill Information/ Log

Sanitizing Schedule

Coop Student information

Daily Program Schedule

There is also a parent information board at the entrance that will indicate any of the following:

Upcoming events

Donations needed

New policies and/or procedures

Centre Closures


The TCAG is proud to be moving forward and following the ELECT and How Learning Happens initiative as directed by the Ministry of Education. Therefore you will see documentation of how your child is learning through play while they attend our programs.

Documentation can happen in many different ways, such as pictures or a tangible item your child has made. Documentation will be showcased on the walls or in your child’s memory book.

Memory books will be given when your child is done at child care but can be viewed or even taken home when needed.

Quiet Play

Materials introduced to children during quiet play are used to promote social skills, eye/hand co-ordination, and small muscle development.

Language and listening skills will be enhanced. Sensory materials will be available.

Active Play

Equipment used during this time will promote muscle control. Children have outdoor play activities everyday, weather permitting. All children are expected to take part in outdoor activity. If you feel your child is too ill to go outside, we ask that you keep that child at home. If weather conditions prevent the children from playing outdoors, similar materials will be available inside. During summer months we ask that all children arrive with sunscreen on, and employees will reapply it as needed. A donation of $1 per child will be collected each month as needed.


Opportunities are provided for the child to understand the world around them, to develop language skills, to participate, to listen, and enjoy books, finger plays, songs, and games.  Children are encouraged to share experiences, materials.

Materials that add to the learning environment are welcome.

Field Trips

The children often go for walks in the area. (Permission for walks is given as part of the registration package) Additional permission will be requested for trips out of the neighbourhood. Please be assured that every precaution will be taken to insure safety of every child.


From time to time our child care staff will post items needed by the centre. This list will be located on the parent information board at the lower level entrance as well as the School Age Program board. Items might include recycling materials for arts and crafts, baking supplies, toys or costumes as well as natural materials such as outdoor items. TCAG is a non-profit organization, therefore in order to keep cost low we appreciate any items you may donate on our list. Please note: It is not a requirement to donate at any time.

Sleep Time

A rest period is provided in accordance with the Ministry of Education.

Children will not be permitted to lie down in their cots with a bottle or a cup.

“New” Toddlers may be permitted a soother, only at sleep time, and only if absolutely necessary.

Children who attend with soothers will be quickly weaned from using them.

Toilet Training

Toilet training is not a requirement to attend the centre. For those who are ready to begin toilet training, the teachers assist the parent in the process. It is very important that the parent, the teacher, and the child work together and support each other in their efforts.

Please keep plenty of extra clothes in the locker and take home soiled clothes daily. By Health requirements, the teachers are not permitted to rinse soiled clothes, they must send them home to be rinsed/cleaned.

Snack Time/Breakfast Program

A nutritional snack is provided mid-morning and mid-afternoon. For children attending early in the morning when the centre opens a breakfast/snack option will be provided upon entry. The choice is always the child’s whether they choose to eat or not.

Menus are posted. Food allergies must be noted on the registration form, and brought to the attention of all Child Care employees. It is expected that all children will be provided with a good breakfast/lunch, before arriving at the centre.

Snacks from home/Children’s Birthdays-REMINDER TCAG is a “NUT-FREE” environment

The Health department asks that all food/snacks that are brought into the Child Care Centre, be purchased from a Health inspected business, e.g. grocery store, bakery, etc. Please avoid sending in food prepared at home. Candles, for birthday cakes cannot be lit in the centre.

Lunch Time (Toddlers & Preschool Children Only)

Catered by The Lunch Lady

A nutritious meal is served at approximately 11:30 am. Menus are posted and any changes are recorded daily. Children are encouraged to taste all food that is served. If your child should not be able to have a certain type of food/drink, for a short period of time, e.g. milk, please notify the employees on a daily basis, until such time as the child can have it again. Food allergies will be posted on the allergy chart in the lunch areas, so please be sure that all employees are aware of your child’s allergy, and let them know what procedures to follow if your child was to accidentally eat that food.

The menu/food preparation is inspected by the Health Department.

At designated times throughout the year school-age children will follow the bag lunch policy. (March Break, Summer, Christmas, P A Days, etc.)

                Personal Items

It is not recommended that children bring personal belongings and toys to the centre.

Any item that needs to be brought to the centre must be clearly labelled with the child’s name.

The Child Care centre will not be held responsible for the loss or damage to personal items or toys.


Children should be dressed in clothes that will be appropriate for all areas of the daily routine, including outdoor play, painting, etc.

Clothing should be such that a child is able to use their self-help skills during washroom routines, dressing/undressing for outdoor play etc.

All children should keep a complete change of clothes in their locker, in case of any spills, accidents, etc. Please place the labeled clothing in a “Labeled” baggie (e.g. Child’s first & last name, contents: shirt, shorts/pants, socks, underwear/pull-ups/diapers).  If your child doesn’t have a sufficient supply of clothing/diapers/wipes, etc. to get through the day, the Child Care Centre employees may have to call you to bring some.

Safety Precautions with Clothing

Mitten strings, scarves, draw strings, etc. are choking hazards on play equipment.

All children must have a pair of indoor shoes must be worn while at the centre. This is encase of an emergency. Indoor shoes can be left at the centre in the child’s locker.

For safety reasons, No slippers are allowed please.

Summer/sun protection: children must always bring a hat to school; it is recommended that extra hats be left in the locker. Sandals must have a back strap on them, no flip flops.

Avoid shoes with a high heel.

Spare Clothes

If your child returns home in Child Care Centre clothes, please wash them and return them.

Our supply is very limited, so please return clothes promptly.

Child Guidance Techniques

The employees will guide the children in a positive manner that is appropriate to the age and developmental level of the individual child.

Independence and self-help skills will be encouraged.

Acknowledge each child’s feelings and allow a choice whenever possible.

Words of encouragement and praise build a child’s self esteem and will be used often along with hugs when comfort is needed.

A teacher will use a quiet voice with the children at all times, and should model acceptable behaviour.

Children will be supervised by an adult at all times.

Snacks/meals- children will be encouraged to feed themselves, and to at least taste all foods. Force feeding or withholding any food/drink is not permitted.

Rest time- children will rest each day after the noon meal. Any child unable to sleep after 1 hour will be allowed to play quietly under supervision.

Washroom- children will be assisted through the washroom routine according to the amount of adult help that they require. Hands must be washed after going to the bathroom, and before eating.

Methods of Managing Misbehaviour

Where misbehaviour is attention seeking, it will be ignored, unless it poses a potential danger.

If a child is unable to comply with the limits of the play area or routine will be redirected to another activity. (Choices of alternative activities will be given).  Where discipline is deemed necessary, employees will use the least restrictive alternative. Remove the child from the activity for a brief time.  Speak to the child, and allow the child to return, with appropriate behaviour.


Prohibited Practices by employees, students & volunteers

Physical force or corporal punishment will not be used at any time, for any reason.

The use of physical restraints as a behaviour management technique is not

permitted.  There will be no actions taken by the employees to change a child’s behaviour

by making him/her suffer physically or emotionally. Employees will not humiliate a child in any way.

A child may not be removed from the room unless at that moment it is in the best interest of the child and/or other children or the child is asked and would like to go.

A child must not be denied the necessities of life as a form of discipline. (E.g. Food, play, friends, outdoor play, rest etc.)

On-going Behaviour Concerns, Aggressive Behaviour

The teachers work very hard to insure the safety of each child in the centre. On-going behaviour concerns will be recorded by the teacher, and brought to the attention of the parent, and the Director. Together, and often with help from outside organizations, we will work to try to reduce/eliminate the concerns. We must have co-operation from all, in order to keep the child enrolled, and help the situation.

In extreme situations, where the safety of any participant is in question, the parent may be asked to pick up their child immediately, and may also be asked to withdraw their child from the program.

Behaviour Agreement-TCAG Child Care

An agreement exists between the child, the parent, the organization and the staff.

Purpose:  All children and staff have the right to feel safe in our programs.  For this reason, we have expectations and rules that respect the rights of all participants.

It is the intent of TCAG to include all children in our programs.  However should a situation be identified where concerns have been raised that a child’s needs are not being met, and/or children or staff are at risk all participants in this agreement will work together to resolve the situation.

Terms of Agreement:

All parties agree that the agreement is necessary in order to meet the needs of all parties.

The Health and Safety of all participants in the program is first and foremost, at any time that the behaviour becomes a safety concern, the parent will be notified to remove the child.  The TCAG holds the right to discontinue services if the safety is a concern.

Role of the Child Care Staff:

Redirection: Guide the child into acceptable options when engaged in an unacceptable activity

Logical and Natural Consequences: Endeavor to make the child aware of the results of their actions.  Create a list with the group of children.

Set limits: as a group; include the children in setting the limits to ensure that they understand them.

Provide choices

Anticipate Trouble

Ignore:  some inappropriate behaviour can be ignored with more emphasis given to appropriate behaviour.

Positive reinforcement and encouragement for success.

The Responsibilities of each Parent, Guardian, Visitors:

Anyone who becomes involved with/ visits our centre must abide by all of our policies at all times. If you are sending someone in to pick up/drop off your child, please make sure that they are aware of our policies.

Escort your child to/from locker to remove coat, etc.

Escort your child to the washroom prior to arrival to the classroom.

Notify your child’s teacher of any bumps, bruises, etc. that may have occurred at home, so that they may record it in the day book.

Read all notes in the locker

Take your child’s artwork home, weekly

Parents are not permitted to take any photos using their cell phones, cameras or video recorders.

Refrain from bringing any food into the playrooms. The centre is Peanut (all nuts)-free

Avoid leaving any food in the child’s locker, and always keep your child’s locker clean.

Keep up the supply of diapers, wipes, change of clothes etc.

(Please check your child’s cubby, in the washroom regularly and fill it as needed.)

Assume full responsibility of your child upon arrival & departure. Children must always be supervised in the hallways/washroom. Refrain from allowing children to play in the hallways, or on the stairs, (inside and outside)

Keep open communication with childcare employees, but understand that their group of children is their first priority.

Treat all employees, students, parents, and children with respect

Bring all concerns to the Supervisor or Director, confidentially, in the Child Care Office, or in writing, in the fee box, in a sealed envelope, addressed to the Director of Child Care.

Respect confidentiality of information pertaining to all participants in the Child Care program

Refrain from all corporal punishment of any child

Follow all Health & Safety Practices of the Centre

The Parent’s “administrative” responsibilities

Notify the Director, in writing, of any changes to the personal information & emergency information. To change the information in the child’s file, please ask the Supervisor/Director for your child’s file.

Report absenteeism/late arrival by 9:00 am via a phone call. No emails please.

Keep payments up to date (record dates of payments on all cheques, etc.) Payments must be made prior to care.

The Right to Express Concerns

At TCAG Child Care the employees do their very best to provide you with a Child Care Service that you and your child will be pleased with.

If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with the service, we would like to know.

Expressing Concerns-Process

Commitment- you have the right to express a concern, at any time, confidentially, to the Director of Child Care. Your concern will be reviewed.

Confidentiality- Receiving a concern, in a confidential and professional manner, allows the organization to assess the impact of their services.

Fairness- Handling of concerns must be fair to all parties and must allow everyone’s views to be heard and taken into account in a balanced way.

Effectiveness- Concerns received will be dealt with quickly and courteously.

The Director of Child Care has the authority &/or responsibility to seek, decide, and implement a remedy.

One Final Note

As a Child “Care” Centre, we endeavour to give your child personalized attention and “care” to meet their individual needs.  We can only accomplish our goals with your patience, understanding, assistance, and input.  If, at any time you are not fully satisfied with the services we provide, we would like to hear from you.  Please bring any concerns or comments to your Child Care Centre Supervisor; we will do our best to assist you.  We want to make sure that you and your child are happy with our services.

My door is always “open” to you.

Thank you,

Patricia Duggan

Director of Child Care

Thorold Community Activities Group Child Care


905 227-0545 ext. 22

131 Richmond St. Thorold, On

L2V 3H3



Anaphylaxis is a serious reaction that can be life-threatening to an individual.

It requires appropriate avoidance strategies and immediate response in the event of an emergency.

All staff, students and volunteers will be instructed on the use of any allergy medication prior to commencement of employment/placement, and annually thereafter.

Bill 3- Sabrina’s Law 

It is an Act to protect anyone with anaphylactic/life threatening allergies. It requires appropriate avoidance strategies and immediate response in the event of an emergency.

Strategies to reduce the risk of exposure:

The following will be in our parent handbook, registration forms and posted in the centre.

TCAG thrives to be a peanut-free environment.

The person (if over 18 years) of the parent/guardian, will be asked to provide written permission to the Director of Child Care, to identify(including posting of current photo identification) the person with the anaphylactic allergy to the child care facility and the school community, in order to ask for support. All/staff/parents, in the child care facility/school will be notified of a person who is anaphylactic who is in attendance at the facility/enrolled.

With written Permission (From the parent/guardian, for the persons under the age of 18 years.)

Age 6 and over: The person with the allergy will be required to carry, at all times, their Epipen in a pouch around their waist. (A second Epipen is always recommended, to be placed in a labelled and closed container, inside the first-aid box, out of the reach of the children.)

Under the age of 6 years:  The teacher will be required to carry at all times, the child’s Epipen, in a pouch around the waist. (A second Epipen is always recommended, to be placed in a labelled, closed container, located on the top of the metal cabinet in upper hall, out of the reach of the children.)

If at any time there is a concern with any of these procedures, the concern will be brought immediately to the Director of Child Care.

My child: _________________________________ does not have an anaphylactic allergy; however, I have read and understood that the TCAG thrives to be a peanut-nut free environment.

REPORT ALL ANAPHYLACTIC ALLERGIES to the Director of Child Care-to complete the process.

Parents Signature: ______________________________ Date: _________________

Bag Lunch & Snack Policy

TCAG thrives to be a

“peanut-nut free” environment.

The program fees do not include lunch or snacks for the school age children. Children in the Before/After school/PA Day/school closings/summer programs, etc. will be responsible to bring their own lunch/snacks (am/pm). All policies must be followed.

All lunches/snacks will be in an insulated cooler bag, with a cooler/ice pack or frozen beverages. All snacks/lunches/containers must be labelled with the child’s first and last name and date that the lunch/snack was prepared.

Nutritional requirements will be met, according to the Canada Food guide.

The lunch will consist of required amounts of:

Milk & Milk products

Meat & Alternates

Bread & Cereals

Fruits & Vegetables

The lunch should consist of items that are ready to eat and do not require preparation.

(a Lunch that does not require cooking/re-heating).



Staff will monitor lunches on a daily basis. Any concerns will be brought to the attention of the Supervisor and the parent. In a situation where the lunch has not been provided by the parent, or the lunch is damaged, or does not meet nutritional requirements, the Child Care staff will provide lunch for the child (the parent will be charged a lunch fee of $10 per lunch).

** Lunches/snacks are not included in the cost for school age children**

I agree to abide by the policies regarding the bag-lunch for my child:

Child’s Full Name (please print): _______________________________________ Allergies?   no   yes, ________________________

Parents Signature: ______________________________ Date: _________________

TCAG Child Care “Policies & Procedures” Review & Acceptance  

Parent’s Names: __________________________________________________

Child (Children’s full Names):_______________________________________

Parent Handbook Reviewed?               yes

  1. Introduction & Philosophy
  2. General information (eg. Hours/days open, closed, Stat/Civic holidays, etc)
  3. Behaviour Management Policy
  4. Anaphylactic Allergy Policy Reviewed

Anaphylactic allergy?                     No, but I understand that the TCAG is “nut free”

                                        “YES”            an Epipen has been provided.



Individual Anaphylaxis Plan submitted & reviewed with staff               (includes photo of child)

It is the responsibility of the parent to provide a current EPIPEN at all times when the child is enrolled in the Child Care Facility                  (note the expiry date:_____________year:_______)

  5.  Arrival/Departure/ Releases to individuals/ Late Pick up Charges
  6.  Withdrawal Policy
  7.  Vacations
  8.  Closures due to weather             *check the radio station*
  9.  Health & Illness Policy/ Fevers, vomiting, diarrhea,  head lice, etc.
10.  Administration of Medication
11.  Incidents and Serious Occurrences
12.  The program
13.  Snacks/Meals          Bag-lunch policy submitted              yes             N/A
14.  Expressing Concerns
15.  Payments

I have read, understand and agree to abide by all of the Policies & Procedures of Thorold Community Activities Group Child Care (listed above).

Date of Review: Parent’s Acceptance/Signature: Child Care Director or

Designates Signature

□  2016


Thorold Community Activities Group Child Care 

905 227-0545 ext.22  Email

…….History of CHILD CARE at TCAG…….

Nursery School (1983)

Thorold Community Daycare (1988) 

Thorold Community School-age Child Care Centre (2010)

Thorold Community Extended-day Child Care Centre (2011)

Thorold Community Daycare Relocated to 131 Richmond St. (2013)

Thorold Community Activities Group underwent a major renovation to the Richmond Street facility, in order to amalgamate all child care and programs “under one roof“ (2014)  

2015-Introduction of TCAG Child Care

Mission Statement

The Thorold Community Activities Group is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all Thorold and area residents by coordinating and delivering high quality recreational, cultural, and educational programs and community services through committed volunteers and employees serving their community with pride.

 Vision Statement

 “….because every community deserves a safe place to play, engage and be inspired”